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Collin + Kristlyn’s Surprise Marriage proposal on the Foothills Parkway | Gatlinburg TN Photographer

Collin had a very hard time trying to keep this a secret from his long time girlfriend. He knew he wanted to propose in the Smoky Mountains but wasn’t sure where. As he was searching online for ideas, he came across me and then knew it would be a great idea to have the moment […]


Brad + Taylor | Gatlinburg Bypass Overlook | Secret Photographer in the Smokies

I loved being there to capture Brad propose to Taylor!! He put so much work into making this moment so special for her! When I arrive to the overlook. I was the only one there. Brad texted me and said he was close. I got out and walked around. 5 mins later a bus full […]


Caleb + Hayleigh | Gatlinburg Overlook Proposal | Surprise Engagement in the Smokies

Proposals are so stressful. I worry about getting there before them. If i can get the right angle and so on. Luckily, this was proposal was so easy and turned out amazing! Caleb had a plan to go eat a nice dinner at The Melting Pot so, on their way, they decided to take the […]


Austin + Alyssa | Foothills Parkway | Great Smoky Mountains National Park Photographer

Austin has been so anxious to propose to Alyssa. They spent the day with his cousin and his girlfriend. They made her think she has been planning the whole day. They arrived at the Foothills Parkway and started snapping photos and having fun. Austin then pulled her away and told her how much he loved […]


Zach + Alex | Anakeesta Secret Proposal | Gatlinburg, Tennessee Engagement

Zach and Alex have been together for 5 years!! They came to the Smokies from Ohio. Alex talked about wanting to visit Anakeesta while in town so he knew she wouldn’t suspect him proposing up there. The area is so beautiful. I loved it so much I got a season pass to Anakeesta. We had […]


Gatlinburg By-Pass Overlook Proposal | Adam + Danielle | Smoky Mountains

I loved being apart of Adam proposing to Danielle. He opt for me to video the proposal. I took some screenshots from the video for them and then spent a few minutes getting some engagement photos!!  They are so sweet and she had no idea this was what he was planning to do when they […]


Connor + Courtney | Gatlinburg By Pass​ Overlook | Smoky Mountain Photographer

Connor had the idea to propose to his girlfriend while they were in Gatlinburg. She just graduated a few days ago and wanted to ask her to marry him right away. We were worried about rain, but it was absolutely beautiful. We exchanged photos of each other that morning so we could know what each […]


Euvy + Megan’s Secret Proposal | Anakeesta in the Smoky Mountains | Gatlinburg Photographer

On Megan’s birthday, they planned a fun weekend in Gatlinburg and wanted to visit Anakeesta! It was a very smoky day and the clouds covered the mountains but it didn’t stop this perfect day from happening!  Euvy wanted to ask her to marry him in their garden. They are doing some maintenance and work now, […]


Chris + Jerrica | Anakeesta | Gatlinburg, TN Photographer

Who says you can’t find love over pumpkin pie? Well, these two met by chance. Jerrica worked at the hospital with Chris’s stepmom. Chris made an amazing Pumpkin Pie and gave it to his stepmom to take to work with her. She shared it with her co-workers. Jerrica loved it and asked for the recipe. […]


José + Arlene | Anakeesta | Gatlinburg TN Photographer

Jose and Arlene just drove into town and planned on going to visit Anakeesta. They had lunch up at the top then we secretly met up and I followed them to the garden. When they got to the top to take a photo, he got down on his knee to ask her to marry him. […]