Branden Proposes to Lynsey | Ober Gatlinburg, TN Photographer

This was by far one of my all time favorite proposals! Branden contacted me a few weeks ago and was super excited to propose. He wrote me a long and beautiful email that I would like to share just parts of it with you

“I have been clicking around your site and thought I would leave you this message. I am looking to propose to my girlfriend next week sometime in Gatlinburg TN. I was wondering if you would be able to capture that moment?

I first met my girlfriend Lynsey about 4 1/2 half years ago. We actually met via Christian Mingle. My first time using the site, I had a disastrous experience with it on a first time date. I almost gave up on it, until my friend pushed me to try once more…. That was when I met Lynsey.

You see, a year prior, I had just come from a terrible divorce of which left me about ruined in every way. However, I turned to God when i needed him the most, and promised myself that I would stay strong for my little boy, who was 3 about that time.

Well as God would see it fit, my friend encouraged me to try one more time using Christian Mingle (as if I wasn’t already enough of a skeptic!) I’ll always remember the first time I had met Lynsey and how our conversation that was to last for 20 minutes turned into 2 hours!

After that first meeting, we decide to go on a date. That date would be the first of many, which would lead us to our next step, and the biggest of them all…. Lynsey meeting my now 4 year old son Kaden.

Prior to meeting Kaden, I had not wanted to bring differnt women into my life and ultimately Kaden’s life if I was unsure they would work out. I pledged to protect my little boy as much as I could, and I did not want to confuse him, or have his little heart be broken. So, Lynsey and I had decided that until we were sure that we would be dating for a while, that we would hold off on having Kaden meet her.

Four months went by when the day spontaneously came for my shy little 4 year old to meet Lynsey….. So much worry between Lynsey and I as we wanted so desperately for this meeting to go well….and well it did!!! From the day forth, their bond has been inseparable and the love that those two share for each other is more than I could have ever hoped for! GOD IS GOOD!

Lynsey and I took our first long trip together to Gatlinburg TN months into dating, and it was there, by a water fountain just up from the space needle that we told each other that loved each other for the first time.

See, Gatlinburg TN has a very special place in Lynsey’s heart. Lynsey is a singer, and when she was younger, she would sing in that area. Those trips to TN were accompanied by her most loved relative, her Grandmother, who had helped raise her. Her Grandmother is now deceased. As she puts it, Gatlinburg TN is where she feels closest to God. We have shared so many good memories of our own there.

Lynsey is the most kindest, good hearted, and most loving person I know. She is truly a selfless person who gives everything she can to others even if it means sacrificing for herself. She is so in love with the very notion of love itself. She had never been married, never had children of her own, and has waited her life for prince charming.

With her waiting 30 years for this moment, it has taken me quite sometime to feel as if I am worthy enough for her hand in marriage and to know that I can deliver on her hopes and dreams and be that person she has spent her whole life dreaming about. To this day I don’t feel worthy to have such a wonderful women be in my life, but I now my blessings when I see them! I hope the opportunity that has dreamed of!

I have pondered a 100 different ways to ask her how to marry me, and how to incorporate my son, but none of my ideas feel good enough…. What I do know, is that I want to, and need to, propose to Lynsey in Gatlinburg TN, a place where she has so many fond memories, and where we said “I love you” for the first time. I can not think of a more fitting and suitable location, than in Gatlinburg TN.”


He made this sweet video for her to watch when they got to the top of the sky lift. Lots of photos of them together in the Smokies, He then starts incorporating photos of her family, friends, and his family into it with them holding signs saying “Say yes” or “We approve” Then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0066 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0067 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0068 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0069 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0070 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0071 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0072 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0073

After Lynsey came out of shock and disbelief of getting engaged, we then walked around up at the top and took some photos of the two of them. Branden told her all about how he got everyone to help make the video. He told her how he was up super late the night before making it. Lynsey said “I thought he was sick because of the way he was acting” 🙂

proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0074 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0075 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0076

As you can imagine, some people were there to witness the proposal. This lady came up to them and gave them a vine. She told them to put it with their marriage photo. It would bring them good luck.

proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0077 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0078 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0079 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0080 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0081 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0082 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0083 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0084 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0085 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0086 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0087 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0088

When you go up to Ober at the very top, there are some singers up there who play for the crowd every 30 minutes. They dedicated a song to them, had them to come up on stage for a photo as well as sing a duet with them. Lynsey has a beautiful voice!! It was awesome to hear her sing.

proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0089 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0090 proposal-secret-surprise-engagement-ober-family-photographer-knoxville-sevierville-pigeon-forge-dandridge-gatlinburg-seymour-smoky-mountains-seymour_0091

We laughed, cried and sang songs together. I walked away from this proposal as if I knew them. They are super duper sweet!! I was super blessed to be able to capture this day for them!